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125tories - der Messer Jubiläumspodcast


Stories - The Messer Anniversary Podcast

Stories - The Messer Anniversary Podcast

125 years ago, Adolf Messer founded a small company for acetylene developers in Höchst, which became the cornerstone of a rapidly expanding company. Today, Messer is the world's largest privately owned specialist for industrial gases. To mark the company's big anniversary, the history of the company is revisited in entertaining podcast episodes. The result is an exciting and entertaining collection of the important milestones and many anecdotes, as well as the embedding in the global political events and moods of more than a century - also for those who do not (yet) know Messer.

Diana Buss, Head of Corporate Communications at Messer, and Jörg Lesczenski, historian at the Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte, embark on a journey through time and put the stories behind the history into context.

Only available in German!

From now on, we will publish a new episode every week on: Podigee

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